Becoming a SAFED NZ Driver Instructor

SAFED NZ is looking for driver instructors to build its national network of SAFED NZ Driver Instructors.

To be eligible you must:

  • be an experienced commercial, or in-house driver trainer
  • demonstrate a willingness to promote the widespread adoption of SAFED NZ over the long term
  • undergo training on a Driver Instructor’s course in accordance with the principles of SAFED NZ and pass the Driver Instructor’s course with a distinction grade (mark of 80 percent or more)
  • be able to provide training in at least one appropriate vehicle such as a:
    • bus
    • coach
    • heavy motor vehicle
    • heavy motor vehicle combination
  • have the appropriate driver licence to operate the vehicle in which training is to be carried out and in which you wish to be able to provide training afterwards
  • ensure where possible that you are able to train at least ten drivers in SAFED NZ techniques within six months of qualifying as a Driver Instructor
  • undertake training at your own cost

It would be an advantage to hold:

  • an ‘I’ endorsed drivers licence and/or
  • an NZQA recognised Driver Trainer Unit Standard (level 2 minimum)

Note: if you do not hold one of the recommended criteria you may be required to complete the one day Driver course, passing with a distinction prior completing an abridged Driver Instructor course.

Before you can undertake the SAFED NZ Driver Instructor course, the SAFED NZ Senior Instructor will require you to sign a ‘deed of appointment’ on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency. The deed, which will be provided to you by the SAFED NZ Senior Instructor, sets out the obligations for SAFED NZ Driver Instructors.

The SAFED NZ Driver Instructor Deed has been developed to ensure that:

  • the SAFED NZ Driver training is available to both in-house drivers and drivers from external organisations
  • the SAFED NZ material and the delivery of the SAFED NZ curriculum is not deviated from without the NZ Transport Agency’s consent
  • a record of all SAFED NZ Instructors and Drivers is kept and maintained
  • training is provided in a vehicle fitted with an accurate fuel monitoring device and that an accurate record of fuel consumption information is collected for monitoring and research.

You will need to read, agree and sign the deed in the presence of a witness and return it to the SAFED NZ Senior Instructor providing your training prior to your course.

A flow diagram of the ‘becoming an instructor’ process is illustrated in the PDF document below.

Driver Instructor Process

Why become a SAFED NZ Driver Instructor?

You are an in-house driver trainer and would like to up-skill your organisation’s drivers in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques, or you are a commercial trainer that would like to expand your services.

The training

An experienced SAFED NZ Senior Instructor will deliver the training over two days (three if the Driver course is required). Training consists of a mix of on-the-road and classroom tuition including role play.

How much does it cost?

The cost of training is determined between the trainee(s) and the instructor. The cost is a commercial decision made by the Senior Instructor.

What do I need to do next?

Find a Senior Instructor. The Senior Instructor will be able to discuss your training needs and advise which programme best suits your needs.

Once the NZ Transport Agency (or its appointee) has received a copy of your signed Deed and you have passed your training with a distinction you will be provided with a certificate of achievement authorising you to deliver the SAFED NZ Driver course.

If you have any questions about the deed or becoming a SAFED NZ Driver Instructor please contact us.