SAFED NZ for bus and coach

SAFED NZ bus and coach builds on a feasibility study carried out in the United Kingdom in 2006/07 which showed that SAFED can help participating bus and coach operators achieve significant long-term savings if SAFED techniques are consistently employed. The on-the-day results showed that:

  • the majority of drivers showed between 5-15 percent fuel saving (with an average of 12 percent)
  • there was an average of 40 percent reduction in gear changes
  • there was a 60 percent reduction in safety related faults.

The practical in-vehicle elements of the course provides drivers real-world skills that can help them feel less fatigued, lower their stress levels and increase their value to their employer through keeping fuel costs down and accident rates low.

The SAFED NZ course provides intensive training in SAFED techniques. Each trainee is given the opportunity to observe and discuss the techniques with his/her trainer.

SAFED NZ bus and coach is:

  • a one-day driver development course, or a two-day instructor development course which is different to the SAFED NZ truck course
  • for drivers of buses and coaches
  • available through a national network of trainers
  • suitable for in-house delivery.

SAFED NZ bus and coach can:

  • reduce fuel costs
  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • improve passenger safety
  • reduce the risk of accidents
  • increase driver confidence in vehicle control
  • reduce maintenance costs, vehicle downtime, driver stress and fatigue.

A flow diagram of the ‘becoming a SAFED NZ driver’ process is illustrated in the PDF document below.

Driver process

 Specially trained Senior Instructors and Driver Training Instructors (DTI’s) offer the SAFED NZ course in locations across New Zealand.

How much does it cost?

The cost of training is a commercial arrangement between you and the instructor. Contact your nearest instructor for a quote. Depending on your operation, most companies should get a pay back in fuel and maintenance savings in a relatively short time.

Driver eligibility

To be eligible to receive SAFED NZ bus and coach driver training you must:

  • hold a valid heavy trade driving licence
  • be appropriately insured on the vehicle that will be used
  • not have any medical conditions that affect your ability to drive the vehicle
  • undertake a simple eyesight test of reading a number plate from 20 metres away. This will be a requirement on the day of training.

Vehicle specification

Ideally training should be conducted in the vehicle that the drivers are most accustomed to driving. Additionally the vehicle should be:

  • fitted with fuel monitoring equipment (alternatively, please discuss with the instructor who will be able to supply an appropriate vehicle)
  • be in roadworthy condition (a safety check will be completed prior to training).

Where a vehicle cannot be provided, please discuss alternative options (eg hiring a vehicle) with the instructor.