Benefits of SAFED NZ

For truck and bus drivers

Safe and fuel efficient driving helps drivers improve their professionalism and become more of an asset to their employer. Personal benefits include:

  • reduced stress levels and enhanced satisfaction of driving
  • increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance
  • increased personal safety.

For operators

By developing the skills of their truck and bus drivers, employers will benefit through:

  • reduced fuel costs
  • increased productivity and vehicle use
  • improved resale value of fleet 
  • reduced running costs
  • potential reductions in insurance premiums.

 For organisations and the environment

 Safe and fuel efficient driving contributes to:

  • the on-going development of the health and safety culture within an organisation
  • effective road risk management
  • reducing CO2 and other harmful vehicle emissions
  • reducing vehicle and personal injury
  • reducing accidents/incidents.

To view potential savings from SAFED NZ, visit either the Truck Calcluator or the Bus and Coach Calculator page.

Visit the Case Studies page to read about businesses that have made successful fuel savings by applying fuel efficient driving techniques.