World class driver development course hits milestone

SAFED NZ (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand), a driver development course for truck, bus and coach drivers, has hit a milestone with over 2000 drivers trained in the programme. The programme was launched by the Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency in 2010 and it is great to see this uptake in such a short time.

SAFED NZ develops fuel efficient driving techniques which can reduce fuel costs by up to 10 percent and also reduces maintenance costs, while reducing CO2 emissions.

A fuel efficient driving style is also closely linked with improved road safety. Adopting simple fuel efficient driving techniques gives drivers more time to identify hazards and react to them.

Rick Barber, Regional Access & Use Manager, says the fuel savings of up to 10 percent greatly improve the cash flow and productivity of organisations who adopt SAFED techniques, resulting in a positive flow-on effect to our economy.

“It is great to see so many companies taking advantage of the programme. As well as benefiting the company with cost savings, it creates safer drivers which benefits everyone on our roads.”

SAFED NZ has been adapted from a successful scheme in the United Kingdom, which has been offered on a commercial basis for many years and has trained more than 20,000 drivers.

The course is offered across the country by senior SAFED NZ instructors. Drivers and organisations who are interested in taking part in the SAFED NZ driver development course can visit for more information, or to find their nearest instructor.

SAFED NZ was developed and implemented by the Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency. It is supported by the Bus and Coach Association, New Zealand Contractors’ Federation, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (ECCA) and the Road Transport Forum.